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What Happened on Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2

Attack on Titan

While Attack on Titan Season 2 wasn't much a favorite and a bit of disappointment for many fans, season 3 on the other hand, became a much better success. Not only was it beautifully animated with jam-packed flawless fight scenes but there were also unforgettable plot twists and huge and shocking revelations that unfolded on the latest season that gave us major goosebumps and ending hints.

Let's take a look back on the best scenes, moments, and everything that happened on Attack on Titan Season 3 Part 2 and how it will affect the finale of this series.

Eren and co finally uncover the truth behind the Titans, the basement and life beyond the walls.

It's what we've all been waiting for, the basement! This season was a major eye-opener that revealed the background story of how the walls were made and where the Titans began. After Erena nd the Survey cops successfully took back Wall Maria and reach the basement, they finally unlocked the truth about Titans and all the truth inside and beyond the walls. Shockingly, the Titans aren't the enemy but the rest of the world. The season ended with the troops reaching the bay, playing in the ocean, and Eren realizing who their enemy is.

Armin becoming the colossal titan

This scene gave a really dramatic turn of events. Right after an action pack fight scenes with Levi attempting to kill the beast Titan, and Armin, Eren, and the gang fighting the Colossal and Armored Titan, Levi had to choose to whom to pass the power of the Colossal Titan between Armin and Commander Erwin. Haaay... decisions, decisions, decisions...

Levi ended up keeping Armin alive and letting Erwin rest in peace. Levi explained in an emotional admission that he believed Erwin has the right to rest after years of fighting with the Titans. I know, it's sad but it was also Erwin's will as he stopped Levi from injecting him the serum.

Reclaiming Wall Maria

This epic battle lead to Erwin's death, Armin becoming the Colossal Titan, and uncovering the truth about Titans and what's outside the walls. Reclaiming Wall Maria was the key after all on everyone's question on how the Titans originate and what's beyond the walls.

The Origin of Titans

It took us three seasons to finally know the story behind Attack on Titan, but it's all worth the wait! The huge revelation was knowing that the Titans they were killing weren't mindless titan but actual human beings turned into Titans by people called Marleyans. It turns out that Eren, Mikasa, Armin and everyone inside the walls are descendants of Ymir, called Eldians. A young girl who made a pact with the devil making her a Titan. While the Eldians worshiped her, the Marleyans despised her powers and used propaganda leading to the Great Titan War.

The Eldian people were persecuted and were forced to completely isolate themselves inside the walls. 

This season gave a really surprising twist to what we once thought a horror series to something more like a political war story.

Eren And Armin Visit The Ocean

Attack on Titan

The season ended with Eren, Armin, Mikasa, and the Survey Cops make it to the ocean. This scene was a major callback on how Armin tells Eren about the ocean on the very first episode of this anime. Since then, the two began their journey to live and fight the Titans to finally see the ocean and what's behind the walls. This dream kept them alive. 

Despite finally reaching their goal, seeing the ocean, Eren felt sadness while realizing that their enemies lie across the ocean. Will killing their true enemies free him and his people inside the walls? 

The Season 3 finale also came with the announcement of the fourth and final season in 2020. How do you think this series will end? We all can't wait!

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