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Stranger Things Season 3 Finale Recap | Ending Scene Decoded

Stranger Things

Warning: Major spoilers ahead for Stranger Things season 3. Don't read if you haven't watched yet. YOU'VE BEEN WARNED!


So Stranger Things is back on Netflix! How are you holding up binge-watching the entire season? I don't know about you but we at Coswears just got some major eye bags watching it all night long! And yes, again, it's all monsters, as usual, but we're not complaining! The enemy, once again.. Evil Russians who are attempting to open the gate and gave the mind flayer another chance to spread its wickedness and this time, on rats. Quite odd, I know right. And the leader of the pack? Billy, Max's older brother. 

We also saw Mike and El numerous kissing scenes and how Hopper went crazy over them, El dumping Mike, Dustin talking very proud of his hot girlfriend,  Steve, Robin, Erica, and Dustin, aka the Scoops Troop getting in action, and a lot more! There's just a lot that went down this season! But the climax, the 77-minute-long finale, The Battle of Starcourt, got us on a whole roller coaster ride.

So we've run down a summary of what's happened on the season finale. 


Stranger Things Season 3 Finale Recap | At Starcourt Mall

El got bitten by the Mind Flayer and used her power to get the disgusting parasite out of her. Hopper made quite a grand entrance while squashing the parasite on his boots. And together, they made a plan to defeat the Mind Flayer. El, Mike, Lucas, Max, Jonathan, and Nancy will escape to safety, the Scoops Troops will help Bald Eagle (Joyce, Hopper, Murray) get to the Russian base and close the gate by coordinating the location through Dustin's Cerebro radio tower on the hill.

Billy, controlled by the mind flayer is set to kill El and has disabled Nancy's car. And so the gang was left stuck at the mall. Luckily, Steve and Robin came to the rescue. But still, Billy got El (who lost her power) and offers her to the monster. Just in time with the 4th of July celebration, the kids set fireworks to the Mind Flayer, giving El time to connect with the true Billy and awaken him from the Mind Flayer's control. It worked but when the Mind Flayer goes to kill El, Billy sacrificed himself, saving El, Max, his sister, and the rest of the gang.


Stranger Things Season 3 Finale Recap | On the hill

Upon reaching the Hill, the Scoops Troops witnessed the Mind Flayer destroying the Starcourt Mall so Steve and Robin went to rescue them. Left at the hill, Dustin and Erica got a call from Hopper and Joyce asking for Planck's constant, which was needed to access the laser, and no one else knows the numbers but Dustin's hot girlfriend, Suzie. But before spilling the Planck's constant, the cute couple just had to sing the Neverending Story theme song out of nowhere while the world is at stake! Funny but this scene was actually kinda cute...and thrilling at the same time. And after that small broadway stint, Suzie gave the numbers and Hopper and Joyce went through.


Stranger Things Season 3 Finale Recap | At the underground Russian Base 

The Balde Eagle (Hopper, Joyce, and Murray) made it to the Russian underground base. After a surprise attack by the Russian guards, Hopper shot them down and disguised themselves in Russian uniforms. Murray successfully enters into the vents and set the alarm off to let Hopper and Joyce enter the lab. After Hopper and Joyce got the Planck's constant, with the help of Suzie, they successfully managed to get into the main lab but before they almost set the laser off, the giant Russian "Terminator" came behind them. Hopper managed to finish him off, however, he got at the other side of the lab and can't go back to Joyce with the high voltage surrounding him, following the destruction of the machine after he killed the Russian Terminator. He nodded to Joyce, signaling to turn off the laser and sacrificed himself to finally kill the Mind Flayer by closing the gate. After a thrilling suspense scene of Joyce turning off the laser, a huge light covered the room and right after, Hopper was nowhere to be seen. 


Stranger Things Season 3 Finale Recap | Ending Scene

After the action-packed Starcourt Battle, El was adopted by the Byers family and are headed to a new home outside of Hawkins. It was a bittersweet goodbye to El and friends and Jonathan and Nancy. El also found Hopper's letter and it was perhaps the most tearjerker scene of the season yet. 


Stranger Things Season 3 Finale Recap | Post Credit Scene

If you're a true fan, you know you have to watch the post-credit scene for some major hints for the next season and they surely did not disappoint! 

In Kamchatka Russia, another Russian base, a Demogorgon is being used to terrorize prisoners. But the most important reveal is that there is an American captive. Could it be Hopper? Well, we all have to find that out on the next season! 


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